TK Creates 1st Annual Black Smoke Conference. Another Historic Move.

The 1st Annual Black Smoke Conference will take place in the Summer 2022. "TK" Tobacco Kennedy, Founder and Owner of the Annual Black Smoke Miami Festival launches a new expansion of the National Brand "Black Smoke", The 1st Annual Black Smoke Conference. "TK" Tobacco Kennedy is known for creating the First five day Black Smoke Miami Cigar Festival back in 2017, which was a historic challenge, Now another historic challenge awaits.

"We need more structure and development." The three days conference will focus on Industry Knowledge, Strategic Growth Workshops, Investors' Meetings and other important issue's that Lounge and Brand Owners deal with on a daily basis.

Featured workshops also include:

  1. How to Trademark your Brand.

  2. How to Get Your Cigar Brand into Stores.

  3. How to Host a Festival.

  4. Understanding Partnership Contracts.

  5. How Much Capital Does It Take to Create a Brand.

  6. Secrets of a Successful Lounge.

  7. A Woman's Prospective in the Cigar Industry.

  8. A 10 step Guide for Getting into the Industry.

  9. 8 Ways to Grow Your Podcast.

  10. How to create more Community Engagement.

"This conference is vital to the growth of the Cigar Industry." Several major Cigar brand owners have already committed to being guest speakers at the conference in 2022.

To receive more information and pre-registration visit or click the image below.

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