Host Hotel Sold Out Four Months Before Historic Festival.

The 5th Annual Black Smoke Miami Festival is four months away and the official Host Hotel "Shula's Golf & Resort" in Miami Lakes, have sold out of rooms!

The Historic 5 day Cigar Festival is expected to draw numbers in the thousands from all corners of the United States. In 2017, the inaugural event started with 800 attendees. By 2019 numbers grew to 6,500 Cigar Enthusiasts.

Founder and Owner "TK" Tobacco Kennedy" promises to deliver the ultimate experience for Cigar Enthusiast during the Festival.

Big Brands such as AJ Fernandez, Placencia, Drew Estates, Robert Caldwell, D'Crossier Cigars, just to name a few, have all partnered with TK in previous years.

In 2022 the list will grow with a long list of Black owned brands that have committed to sponsoring the Historic Festival in 2022. Susie Mooney of Lit Torch App, officially announced as the sponsor for the Black Smoke Awards.

"The vision is clear and has not changed..."Lets come together and work together."

VIP tickets are available for the 5th Annual Black Smoke Miami Festival on

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